Talking about the points of Zhenfeng website production

Article source: Qianyu Studio Time: 2014-05-27

Zhenfeng County is located in the southwestern part of Guizhou Province. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, the national customs are simple and strong, and the ancient and modern culture has a long history. With the rapid development of the Internet, Zhenfeng has also begun to develop website production today. Many companies have begun to realize the importance of the Internet and know that they need to build their own websites. point.

A keyword. Each website has its own keywords. Keywords are the center of search engine optimization. Good keywords can bring traffic and more viewers. Therefore, the choice of keywords is very important. Do not choose too hot or too cold. Keywords, overheated keywords will have a particularly large number of opponents, it is difficult to achieve good rankings, too cold will bring very little traffic to themselves.

Two friendly links fine. When choosing the friendly link of the website, you should also pay attention to it. Try to find a higher PR. Baidu Google searches a lot more, better websites. If your linked website is not good, such as a website punished by Google, then Your own website is also implicated. Friends of Zhenfeng's website production should never make such mistakes.

Three stability. The stability of the website must be good. Do not maintain it at all times. It will only lose users, and it will also affect Baidu's search of you.

Four speeds. Speed is the minimum requirement for a website. You cannot use your website to test the patience of users. No user is willing to take the time to wait.

Xiaobian told you today the most basic points of Zhenfeng's website production . If you want to do a good job of website production, you must do more and more detailed based on these points. I believe that everyone knows how powerful the network is. What a great change the company can bring to the enterprise, everyone should make good use of it!

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