On Zhenfeng Web Design

Article source: Qianyu Studio Time: 2014-05-23

With the progress of the times and the development of the Internet, Zhenfeng has also embarked on the road of the network. Many companies in Zhenfeng have established their own websites. When building a website, the web design is always in the network promotion and user experience. It will bring a lot of differences. Some people think that web design is not important. It is important to do good network promotion. A certain amount of traffic is a good website. Many people think that the beauty of the website interface directly affects the weight of the website and blindly pursues beauty , But forget the importance of website optimization, and also give users a bad impression. Today, we will talk about the impact of Zhenfeng web design on user experience.

Choose a comfortable color

Color is used for both web design and graphic design. Different colors will give people different feelings. For example, red gives people a sense of joy and excitement, green makes people feel peaceful, and yellow makes people think of sunlight. So when you do a website, you must choose good colors, and a page must not have too many colors, otherwise it will make users feel fancy, and it will cause users to object.

Web speed

Web page speed directly affects the user experience. The main reason for the speed of web pages is interface design and web space service providers. Website space service providers must choose a good one, and don't make a big mistake. There is also interface design. Many people put a lot of flash or many pictures on the interface in order to look beautiful. This will slow down the opening of the webpage and lose many users. Zhenfeng ’s webpage design has many problems. In fact, it can be simple and beautiful without many pictures, and also has a good user experience.

Layout design

It is necessary to consider the browsing habits of users, and collect the information that the users are most interested in, and place it in the most conspicuous position. There must also be a good navigation. Navigation is a guiding light that guides users to browse the website and leads users to quickly and accurately find what they need Information to give users a good sense of experience.

The above is a brief introduction to the impact of Zhenfeng's web design on user experience. Many people think that the most important thing is content, but before users understand the content of this website, the first thing they feel is web design, so the web design industry is The important part.

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