Theme and layout made by Xingyi website

Article Source: Unknown Time: 2015-04-23

The theme of the website and the layout of the website in the production of Xingyi website will affect the user experience of the website, so you must not be casual when deciding on these, every decision must have its reason, then at the time of deciding Ah what do you notice?

When considering these, you must first take into account the browsing habits of the user group. You can't just look for the beauty and novelty of the website, because you can only create your own characteristics while also considering your design. A design that meets visitors' preferences.

If you are a beginner in website production, you must pay attention to the size of the browser used by most people when designing the website. This is a market factor and cannot be changed. Pay attention to this.

The overall layout of the website should pay attention to the combination of graphics and text, and there must be clear and capable navigation, so that visitors can stay smooth when browsing the website, and the appearance of text and pictures should not be too obtrusive. The overall layout of the website must be Makes people feel comfortable.

In the theme and layout of Xingyi's website construction, we must listen to the opinions of professionals, add elements that are in line with the enterprise, and add some of your own ideas. In this way, the website that everyone worked hard to make can be welcomed by visitors and reflected. The original intention of making a website.