In China, Baidu is the dominant company, occupying about 80% of the market share, so whether a website can be indexed by Baidu is very important! The website you can come to now, maybe through Baidu!
In physics, such a problem is often seen: the force on the wall does not make the wall move, so the work on the wall is equal to zero. It seems that you spend hundreds of dollars on the Internet to make a website. On the surface, it seems that there is no problem, but it has never been effective. Then your work is equal to zero, and the investment of these hundreds of dollars is wasted!
  • Mainly corporate promotion and product display
  • Press release system, picture display system, etc.
  • 1 international top-level domain (.com / .net)
  • 500M intelligent two-line host
  • Development language: PHP
  • Free ICP filing and troubleshooting
  • Focus on product display and information release
  • Press release, picture display, message system, etc.
  • Beautifully designed, SEO optimized structure
  • 1GB smart two-line host
  • Development language: PHP
  • Free ICP filing and troubleshooting
  • Online mall online shopping, distribution group, etc.
  • Product, membership, order management, online payment
  • Computer phone WeChat three in one
  • Realize mall value increase sales promotion
  • Development language: PHP
  • 20GB server host

Qianyu Website Construction Service FAQ:

Consulting before cooperation

1.What are the advantages of Qianyu Station Construction Service?

SEO advantages
No customer visits your website, it is useless to make it beautiful and excellent. Our works not only have a good SEO architecture, but also follow the SEO norms and standards in every detail.

Design advantage
Our design is based on the actual situation, according to the customer's company, product positioning, image, design an overall coordinated, beautiful interface.

Overall advantage
We have many cases of Qianxinan website construction, and we have been improving and have been working hard to provide customers with perfect website construction services.

Free additional services
1. We provide free website construction consulting for the production of Qianxinan website so that everyone can fully understand the communication and provide a good foundation for cooperation; 2. We provide free space use and website maintenance service for Qianxinan website to make customers free Waste of unnecessary time to buy and manage space.

2.Why choose Qianyu Studio?

"We are professional, and working with us is your right choice!"
Of course, it doesn't make any sense to say such things, everyone knows to boast.

Here are some things you can know about us:
1. Strong technical ability and exquisite website design. Our cases use DIV + CSS to build the website. The code is concise and is included in the search engine.
2, professional SEO optimization structure to build a website, to help network marketing achieve quickly.
3. We provide free website construction consultation, if appropriate, cooperate; if not, or there is a chance to cooperate next time; you will not have any losses, you can also get our website construction suggestions.

3.How much does Qianyu Studio set up a station?

Our "Website Package" is the lowest price in Guizhou, and we will do our best to promote the development of the website of Qianxinan Prefecture.

4.How long is the period for establishing a station in Qianyu?

According to the workload of the station construction, the set period is different, and the general promotion package is 1 week.
The standard and practical package is 2 weeks, the first week is the time to implement the website interface and functions, and the second week is the time to improve and improve the website.

5. I want to build a website. What preparations do I need to make?

1. First think about what content needs to be displayed on the website, or consider what content your target customers want to see on your website; then organize the text and pictures of these contents.

2. Specify the functional requirements of the website, such as product display function, news section function, form submission function, etc.

3. If you don't want to slowly organize the idea of building a website, you can also find some excellent websites of your peers as a reference, and put forward customized requirements according to your own situation.

Consulting after cooperation

1.After the website is completed, will you provide technical support services?

The first year provides free technical support services to ensure the stable operation of your website; also provides limited free modification services.
After the first year of free technical support services, if you need maintenance services, you need to pay extra;

2.I am not familiar with website management. Can I manage the website myself?

There is no need to worry about this issue.
The management of the website is very simple. We will provide instructions to ensure that you can easily update the content of the website.