What are the three steps of Xingyi's website optimization?

Article Source: Unknown Time: 2015-10-15

Now Xingyi's website companies can no longer be satisfied with just building the website, and the website optimization must be done well, because now every company hopes that the website can bring benefits or good influence to it, but how can we What about website optimization?

When building a website, you need to structure your website. A good website structure is the key to a website being crawled, crawled, and indexed. If a website search engine spider crawl can't work, then what about inclusion and ranking? Therefore, when building a website, it is necessary to pave the way for website optimization.

After the website is built, it is optimized internally. Many people say that Baidu's pulse is not accurate. The algorithm always changes, but in fact, you think from another angle. Baidu's purpose is to serve users. If you are a user, what you want to see and want to understand What, putting these things on the website should be what Baidu wants.

After the internal work is completed, the external optimization, to put it bluntly, is actually an external link. Especially for new stations, this step is really crucial. The reason is whether you want your site to be indexed quickly. If you want, you can get some suitable external links. If you don't want to, you can wait for the spider to crawl slowly.

Although it is said that the optimization is getting more and more difficult to do, the companies that mainly do website construction in Xingyi have done the above three steps. If they work hard on it, they will definitely get better.