Xingyi primary and secondary school to do some website planning

Article source: Unknown Time: 2015-10-13

Although the school is a place to teach and educate people, the companies around which the interests are usually different are different, but even so, it needs to have its own website to improve the school's image and a platform for the outside world to understand the school. A school came to us to make a website. Here Xingyi makes a website to talk about some ideas.

Usually involves two aspects, one is the overall design, which includes the theme positioning of the website, the overall image design, the overall style creative design, etc .; the second is the web design, divided into general web page and homepage design, mainly related to Layout, color, and other issues, of which the homepage design is the most important.

When planning the overall design, because it is a school's website, the theme must be naturally considered to be education. The scope of education can be too broad, so it must be smaller, so that the content can be refined, and do not pursue large and all. For ordinary elementary and middle schools, the selection of quality themes reflects the characteristics of their own schools. At the same time, we must consider the human, financial, and material factors of the school, do what we can, and be the subject that is best at you, save time and energy.

When doing web design, you may need some professional advice to help you at this time. You can communicate more with Xingyi's website company, resolution, order of layout text, layout of the entire web page, color matching, etc. Etc., you can add professional opinions on the basis of your own school characteristics, so that the website can be both unique and not inconsistent.

As far as my personal opinion is concerned, the school's website hopes to bring a bit of literary flavor, so that users can feel the book atmosphere, do not make that kind of template, people will lose confidence at a glance. In this case, it might as well be done without Xingyi Website, that will not have any adverse effects.