Xingyi website to teach you the principles of some search engines

Article Source: Unknown Time: 2015-10-10

Because some companies do n’t understand the importance of search engines for websites, they do n’t know why they need to understand these principles, but as long as you imagine that you want your own website to be number one, then what is it number one? Well, that's why the search engine understood it all at once. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more about Xingyi's website.

When selecting a website domain name and server for a search engine, the domain name must be well remembered, and it is best to have a relationship with the enterprise. The server must also choose a good one. If the server where your website is located often has problems, causing the website to appear frequently The problem of browsing, then your website will be greatly affected, and the ranking will be difficult to improve.

The title of the website is also a very important part. The higher the match between Title and keywords, the better. Before building a website, you must carefully analyze the relevant keyword strategies, and perform keyword filtering on the website. Pay attention to long-tail keywords here, often long-tail keywords bring more traffic to the website.

It is best to plan some keywords in the head and bottom of the corporate website. This is very popular for search engines. Of course, pay attention to the rationality of keywords and the density should not exceed 50%. Doing a website can capture the hearts of search engines just right.

External links are also a favorite part of search engines, but they must be given to high-quality external links. They cannot be found at random, and do not think that the more the better, the more external links in the same industry must not be punished For external links, try to find the type of external link that has a higher weight than you but not much.

Of course, the favorite content of search engines is good content. Good content can bring you a lot of users, and it can also attract you to search engine spiders. The two are complementary, so those mentioned above can The principle of making the website better, but these are all on the premise that the website has good content, so Xingyi's website reminds you that the content is king, there is no doubt.