Local promotion: the most regionally targeted promotion

Network publicity is the use of the Internet for network publicity and promotion activities, using various forms of communication in a comprehensive and coordinated manner, with a unified goal and a unified communication image. Among them, post bar, forum, and QQ group marketing are more popular with users. First of all, they can meet different marketing strategies of the enterprise, and can also achieve accurate marketing of target users, which truly meets the needs of network users. Weibo, WeChat, and information websites are good promotion platforms. Qianyu has a large number of local network propaganda resources to help companies make extensive promotion. The propaganda is strong and the effect is obvious. The population coverage of the promotion can reach hundreds of thousands.

Word-of-mouth marketing refers to establishing a good corporate image for the company in the promotion, so that the product can be recognized by potential users. Dissemination through Weibo, WeChat, Baidu Post Bar, Forum, etc., has strong continuity and interaction, can attract consumers' continuous attention and spread widely. Allow potential users to achieve a good reputation and good image publicity when searching for related enterprise products.

In the end, we will provide you with the publicity data of the above multiple channels, and make a publicity summary report form, so that you can clearly and intuitively understand the details of each item of publicity, so that you can see the results of corporate publicity this time is absolutely value for money.

Our local promotion resources:
1. The WeChat public account has more than 3,000 local fans.
本地粉丝 2. Sina Weibo has more than 4,000 local fans .
3. Established strategic cooperation with Xingyi Yuantong Express, Zhongtong Express, and the same city running; posted leaflets on the courier, up to 4,000 sheets per day, the effect of the leaflet is 3 to 5 times better than the distribution on the street. (1000 yuan / 5000 sheets)