Baidu Network Alliance Promotion

Comprehensive coverage, everywhere
The Internet Alliance is the largest online alliance in the country, with more than 13 billion impressions per day. The seamless docking of PC + Mobile covers 95% of domestic netizens, making the promotion visible everywhere.
Leading technology, "find demand" netizens
Cyber Alliance has leading big data identification and analysis technology, using keywords, interests, regions, gender and other characteristics of netizens to find "demand netizens" and implement accurate display.
Deepening, long-lasting impact
Following the Internet behavior trajectory of the "demanding netizens" found, the long-term, multi-frequency, and cross-screen continuous display of promotional information will strengthen the impression of netizens and trigger netizen demand.
Good-looking creativity, born dazzling
Pictures, animations, text, mixed graphics and other nearly 20 sizes, vivid interpretation of promotional inspiration, leaving a deep visual impression, stimulate demand and purchase desire.

Baidu Network Alliance Promotion Features:
Gathering many famous websites on the entire network, you can also have regional choices, so that your message appears directly in front of people in the same region, and click to charge, no click to no charge

Full category coverage allows your information to appear on the category sites that are more interesting to your customer base, increasing your potential customers a lot.

Select a website to perform category filtering, attribute filtering, and promotion attribute filtering. You can also click directly on the total number and estimated daily impressions of the selected website.