Integrated Marketing:

Refers to marketing activities that promote consumers to share and communicate positive experience or positive opinions about a product (brand). Word-of-mouth marketing is also called social media word-of-mouth marketing. The prevalence of social media, including forums, blogs, IM (QQ, MSN), video sharing websites, Wikipedia, SNS (Happy Network, Renren), etc., is also the key to promoting word-of-mouth marketing.

Integration Channel Type Method description Supplementary note
Event hype Combine most online media and a few print media to hype hot events For cooperative media, see News Marketing Media.
Forum Group Embed promotional content into a topic, stimulate netizens to discuss hype topics through responses, and guide public opinion Covers 5000 national forums and 150 key forums in Shanghai
Soft writing Conceive ideas and produce various soft publicity stickers that meet the tastes of netizens to achieve the effect of hidden publicity The types of soft text include: text-type soft text, FLASH, anime stories, graphic stories and game screenshots, original paintings and other popular online communication methods.
SNS community communication Make use of the sharing and sharing features of the SNS website to let your product be known to many people. You can also do questionnaires here. SNS community sites such as and
News comment Combining customer information to comment on the latest and hottest news on major news and integrated portals Seize key floors and grasp the initiative of discourse attention.
Interactive Q & A Platform Baidu knows, Sina love asks, Soso asks, Yahoo Knowledge Hall and other interactive Q & A exchange platforms. Everyone can receive help from experts and other netizens here, and also try to provide effective help to other netizens. Due to the search engine's preference for interactive Q & A platforms, interactive Q & A platforms are most suitable for word-of-mouth marketing. If you search for keywords in a question and answer, the question and answer page ranks better in search engines than other pages.
IM group Send messages to their friends via QQ and MSN to spread content; send messages in QQ group. More than 10,000 friends have hundreds of QQs, and more than 1,000 people have a very popular QQ group.
Mass mailing An e-marketing tool that delivers valuable information to target users via email. Through the mass mailing software, the information to be transmitted to each user is transmitted by mail, which can reach 100,000 mailbox users per week. Reach rate 96%