What can SEO optimization bring you?

1. Comprehensively improve your website ranking among major search engines

Leaving your competitors far behind, putting your company in the most competitive position, reflecting your company's brand and strength; customers generally believe that the company that ranks higher in the search results is stronger.

2. Increase your website traffic and bring you potential target customers;

Optimize your valuable core keywords and design attractive slogans for you.

3. Save on your advertising investment.

If you put a core keyword in Baidu, the number of clicks per month for this keyword is 1,000, and according to Baidu's average click cost of 2 yuan / time, you need to invest 2,000 yuan a month, 24,000 yuan a year. In fact, you have far more than one core keyword, your clicks are far more than 1000 times, and the average cost of one click is far more than 1 yuan / time. In this process, Qianyu Studio can save you more than 90% of the cost, and you do not need to pay any fees for each click, you also do not need to control the daily promotion budget, your website will also be 24 Hours online.

Service plan quote

SEO service plan: We help you analyze or provide core keywords for you. Use these keywords on the homepage of Baidu and perform long-term maintenance to ensure the effect. This can save you more than 90% of the promotion costs.

Within one million 1,000 yuan 1-2 months Baidu naturally top ten

Within 1 million to 2 million 1,500 yuan 1-3 months Baidu Natural Top Ten

Within 2 million to 3 million 1800 yuan 1-3 months Baidu Natural Top Ten

Within 3 million to 4 million 2100 yuan 1-3 months Baidu Natural Top Ten

Within 5 million to 6 million 3000 yuan 2-3 months Baidu Natural Top Ten

More than 6 million consulting customer service consulting customer service Baidu natural top ten

payment method

A 50% deposit is required before website optimization, and 50% will be charged after 3 days of stabilization.
1. Monthly payment requires 3 months startup fee
2. Generally, 1-3 months can be ranked on the first page of Baidu in the following situations:
1. Overheated keywords or high competition for relevance.
2. The required ranking position is not included in the above listed range.
3. For other special requirements of customers, it is necessary to separately consider the optimization ranking SEO quote on the left.

Customer protection clause

1. The customer has evidence to prove that we are unable to complete the content stipulated in the contract, and the customer has the right to terminate the agreement with us and recover the entire payment;
2. During the service period, if the keyword ranking of the customer's website fluctuates greatly in the search engine due to our reasons, the customer can solve the problem by extending the service period or refunding the corresponding keyword payment