Xingyi Qianyu Network Technology Department focuses on the website construction projects of enterprises and institutions in southwestern Guizhou and related network services, including: website construction, network promotion, software development, WeChat development, and mobile APP development. Qianyu adheres to the entrepreneurial ideology of "based in southwestern Guizhou, serves southwestern Guizhou, and opens southwestern Guizhou". It adheres to the idea of "turning customers into sales" to grasp product quality, improve service content, and make every effort to establish a good reputation and work hard. Build itself into the most highly regarded network service provider in southwestern Guizhou.

The value to customers is far more than building a website. <br /> Building a website is just the realization of technology; we pay more attention to business-oriented, through brand design and SEO technical means, to provide customers with comprehensive network marketing solutions. Qianyu combines many years of experience in e-commerce implementation, with strong Internet technology and rich experience in building websites, and strong Internet resource integration and promotion capabilities, successfully helping many companies open up the network market and achieve profit growth.

Team introduction · Enterprise qualification

Qianyu is composed of many professionals engaged in the Internet industry, with strong professional technology and rich industry experience. Qianyu insists on "word-of-mouth publicity" in the first place, and uses the idea of "turning customers into sales" to grasp product quality and improve service content. Qianyu has rich network resources to help enterprises quickly open the network market.

Our advantage


Innovation is the core value of the team. It integrates the concepts and technologies of innovation in the mobile internet era into traditional industries to create more value for enterprises.


Qianyu adheres to the business philosophy of "focus, extreme, word-of-mouth, and value", and has become the industry's first brand in southwestern Guizhou.