How to design a large functional website in Xingyi website production

Article Source: Unknown Time: 2015-04-14

As far as the current market of Xingyi website production is concerned, the share of ordinary corporate websites far exceeds that of large-scale functional websites, but there are also companies that want to make large-scale functional websites. We have produced mall websites not long ago. What are the construction background and design plans of large-scale functional websites?

Let's take the mall website as an example. First, the website construction integrates a one-stop comprehensive consumption project: second, the website customer service opens an online store on behalf of customers, quickly collects a large number of merchants, and the content and quality are controllable; online payment again, completes the closed loop, and improves the website value.

In the process of producing and developing Xingyi website, there are several points to pay attention to, because it is a medium-sized industry portal station, to facilitate future secondary development, it must be original, instead of using a general-purpose genuine program purchased on the market. Development, it will be easy to upgrade the website system and docking; after the development is completed, you need to transfer to your company a full set of 1 open source, without any code encryption and packaging source code, otherwise, your company will be subject to others in the future; and after-sales service must be timely and efficient, appear Problem: The problem that affects the use is resolved the same day. The problem that does not affect the use is resolved as soon as possible. At the same time, the interface is exquisite, easy to use for customers, good for SEO optimization, and easy for administrators to manage.

In terms of the effect of the design platform of the website, the effect map is used to determine the structure of the website construction, which effectively prevents the time of both parties. After the statistics include the pages, the homepage column of the website can clearly and clearly lead to the various pages of the website. Clear navigation, as well as clear member registration, landing center, search page, customer service communication ... and other pages.

The construction background and page design of Xingyi website production of large-scale functional websites are based on clear development goals, knowing the functions they want to achieve, and understanding the market needs, so whether it is a large-scale functional website or an ordinary corporate website It is inseparable from the previous market research.