• Five structures

    The left and right of the bar are evenly divided left big right small left small right big left middle right
  • Style positioning

    European and American, Chinese style, Japanese and Korean children's simple ink painting cartoon
  • Color matching

    Primary color
  • Content fill

    Graphic typesetting picture selection
    Banner design
  • Website Design Services

    Qianyu Technology has a design team with a high level of design, deep theoretical literacy, outstanding creativity and novelty, and rich experience in practical production. It provides website design services from overall style design, animation design, page design to navigation design, focusing on providing customers with tailor-made Customized boutique website.

  • 1. Website style image design

    The website style image design provided by Qianyu Technology includes the site's logo, colors, fonts, layout, browsing methods, interactive performance, content value and many other factors. It must be planned and coordinated so that visitors can feel the uniqueness of the site. Style, distinctive features.

  • 2. Website navigation and column design

    Qianyu Technology's well-designed website navigation and column design for customers can enable visitors to quickly find the information they need and make the website have a better browsing experience. The design of a website navigation is crucial to providing a rich and friendly user experience. Simple and intuitive navigation can not only improve the ease of use of the website, but also help users to increase the conversion rate after they find the information they want.

  • 3. Website page design

    The design of the website pages provided by Qianyu Technology should consider that the viewers use different resolutions, and different display effects may appear. Therefore, the layout of the webpage should arrange the positions of pictures and text on the page in a suitable browsing manner.
    The website page design provided by Qianyu Technology should consider the color performance of different enterprise industries on the website. Different colors will make the viewers have different psychological feelings. Reasonably matching colors will better represent the theme and attract users' attention.