What should be prepared before the construction of Xingyi website

Article Source: Unknown Time: 2015-04-10

It has always been said that the website construction is talking about how to maintain the website of some companies in the later stages. So, do you not need to do anything in the early stage of the website? In fact, it is not necessary, but some Xingyi website builders have done it, and some have already done it, but they did not realize it.

Have a vision first
The idea is a preliminary plan. What features do you want on the site? What is the style of the site? What are the contents of the site? What kind of content will the site present in the future? These are all Things to think about early.

Second, the website's investment budget
Website construction is the same as you do other things, and you must have a budget: high-priced domain names and expensive promotion costs certainly increase the operating cost of the website, but also increase the pressure and risk of the website, must be well calculated Website investment, some investment that should not be needed at all should be saved, spend money on the blade, domain name, the top domain name is very expensive, so you can register and buy a little bit, as long as it is easy to remember.

There is also a functional experience
In fact, after the website is created, the various functions in it can already be realized, and then you must feel the convenience of the website as if you are a customer. Is the user experience high? Are the above things in accordance with the normal visual experience? Come, do you feel that the website is very smooth and comfortable?

These things in the early stage are closely related to the enterprise and the user. If you do these things with care, after the construction of the Xingyi website is OK, you will find that the things prepared in the early stage are all helpful to the later stage of the website.