Xingyi website search engine optimization details

Article Source: Unknown Time: 2015-04-24

Speaking of the optimization details of this search engine, it is for Xingyi to do the inclusion after the completion of the website. The early and late stages of website production are very important for enterprises.

If a site's search engine ranks well, the links within the site must be unified and the content must be inclusive of each other. The main content and links of the website should not be written in the framework and js, which will easily affect the ranking. Also, do not have too many duplicates in the website, and there must be title tags. Some pages do not have these tags, which is a taboo in website rankings.

You must also pay attention when hiding text, and then use styles to make this text visible to search engines and invisible to users. This method has long been included in the targets of major search engine penalties. And when Xingyi is making a website, the simpler the page code, the better.

As for navigation, it is also a wonderful thing to have auxiliary navigation. This can improve the user experience, and do n’t use too many page parameters. One for each page is just fine. If the website wants to revise, then it must be cautious Be careful, especially the title of the website, if you change this thing often, the spider may not come again for a long time.