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Signed Xingyi Xiaoximen Decoration

Article Source: Unknown Time: 2018-01-04

Recently, Qianyu Network Technology Department signed a contract with Xingyi Xiaoximen Decoration Company.
Xingyi Xiaoximen Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Since its establishment, the company has insisted on the mission of "quality first, attentive service, and creating a comfortable and happy home life for customers" to establish a good corporate image and Good social reputation, its exclusive agency of more than ten domestic first-line brands; business scope covers the entire southwestern Guizhou region. After 19 years of hard work, Xiaoximen Decoration Company has become the most recognized decoration company in the region.
According to your company's requirements, Qianyu Network Technology adopts black gold as the web theme, and uses a wide-screen long version of the web layout to create a simple and elegant website page. At the same time, it adds the function of inquiries when the website enters, enabling real-time consultation and booking services for visitors The company realizes the basic network marketing function of online drainage to offline transactions.
Interior design and web design belong to the same design category. The design is not only beautiful, but also the stability of the foundation and the meticulous craftsmanship. Attention and focus are the spirit of design and mutual encouragement.