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Signed a contract with Chuntai Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Article Source: Unknown Time: 2018-01-22

Recently, Qianyu Network Technology Department of Qianyu signed a contract with Qianxinanzhou Chuntai Building Material Co., Ltd. Qianxinanzhou Chuntai Building Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is located in No. 8 Zhengtun Village, Zhengtun Town, Xingyi City (inside Guoxing Auto Trade City) It is a modern enterprise specializing in the research, promotion, processing and production of exhaust gas channels in kitchens and bathrooms in Qianxinan Prefecture of Guizhou Province.
According to the reference website provided by your company, Qianyu Networks starts with the traditional website layout, focuses on the classification and setting of the columns, and sets the relationship between the main and auxiliary columns in a scientific and reasonable manner according to the behavior of the people browsing the web page to improve the visitor experience of the website. The overall layout is quite satisfactory, which reflects your company's strictness and stability, and refuses to be flamboyant. The building materials are the skeleton of the city, and the network is the meridian of the city. We are willing to do our best for Xingyi city construction and encourage each other.