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Signed a contract with Guizhou Pengsheng Group Paper

Article Source: Qianyu Time: 2018-02-12

Recently, the Guizhou Network Technology Department signed a contract with Guizhou Pengsheng (Group) Paper Co., Ltd. Guizhou Pengsheng (Group) Paper Co., Ltd. (formerly Guizhou Pengsheng Paper Co., Ltd.) was incorporated in November 2011, and the company was registered The capital is 46 million yuan. On June 2, 2017, approved by the executive meeting of the people's government, Qianxinanzhou Water Resources Development and Investment Co., Ltd.'s wholly-owned subsidiary Qianxinanzhou Water Investment and Energy Development Co., Ltd. invested and acquired a 51% stake. The controlling party is Qianxinanzhou Water Investment Energy Development Co., Ltd., and the shareholder Xiang Yizhi.
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