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Signed a contract with Guizhou Tonggen Law Firm

Article Source: Qianyu Time: 2018-03-03

Recently, the Guizhou Network Technology Department signed a contract with Guizhou Tonggen Law Firm, a professional law firm established by the Provincial Justice Department on December 15, 2016. It serves the society with a first-class team and professionalism. Provide efficient, high-quality, and fast professional services; responsibility, integrity, and integrity are the foundation of the development of Tonggen Law Firms; professional, prudent, and efficient are the criteria for Tonggen Law Firm's service; supporting justice is the goal pursued by Tonggen lawyers; justice for the weak It is the duty of Tonggen's lawyer to be innocent, and the lawyer's rights and interests are always the top priority. "
Taking into account the particularity of the client's industry, Qianyu Network Technology Department extracts the duties and spirit of the lawyer, hoping to express it in the webpage through color and layout. The use of red and black contrast colors also hopes to express the opposition between justice and evil under the law. Qianyu's layout of the website this time is mostly center symmetrical, and the layout of the rectangular array also reflects the seriousness and fairness of the industry. The law firm requires that common legal knowledge be added to the forum for visitors to learn, hoping to improve the legal awareness of the general public and protect their legitimate rights and interests from being infringed by law. Small features can also make visitors feel the temperature.