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  • 签约贵州美容学校
    Signed a contract with Guizhou Beauty School

    Recently, Qianyu Network signed a contract with Guizhou VR Beauty School. Guizhou VR Beauty School is to improve self-image, strengthen and improve various professional skills and levels, enable students to master technical essentials from shallow to deep, learn overall image design; learn the makeup process and shooting of modern photo studio; learn international fashion makeup, film and television characters Advanced technology in modeling and self-image design

  • 签约制作兴义分期购物网站
    Signed contract to make Xingyi installment shopping website2015 / 12/30

    Recently, Qianyu Networks signed a 3 degree north latitude shopping website. North Latitude 3 Degree Installment Shopping Website is the first shopping website in Xingyi that mainly uses installment payment. Its main products are mobile phones, household appliances, and daily necessities. Phased shopping is also the current trend of online shopping. As a phased shopping website in this region, North Latitude 3 degrees is different from the current large domestic shopping websites.

  • 签约中美合资电梯公司
    Signed a Sino-US joint venture elevator company

    Qianyu Networks signed a contract with Guizhou Lincoln Elevator Co., Ltd., Lincoln Elevator Company is the key investment attraction object of our state, and has also received strong praise and recognition from our Governor, Ms. Yang Yongying.

  • 再签生态食品厂,从网站建设到微信
    Re-sign ecological food factory, from website construction to WeChat2015 / 12/14

    Anlong County Ecological Food Co., Ltd. of Guizhou Province once again selected Qianyu Network Technology for its WeChat development, which is undoubtedly a great affirmation and trust of Qianyu Network.

  • 签约贵州理财咨询公司微信开发
    Signed WeChat development of Guizhou financial consulting company2015 / 12/01

    Qianyu Network Technology is honored to have the trust and choice of Guizhou Kaida Financial Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • 签约装饰工程公司网站建设
    Contracted the construction of the website of the decoration engineering company2015 / 11/22

    Recently, Qianyu Network Technology Department signed a contract with Qianxinanzhou Changrong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Qianxinanzhou Changrong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. , Professional sales of building materials, exclusive agent of Osram flooring in southwestern Guizhou. The company has continued to steadily develop over the years

  • 签订小学网站制作
    Signed elementary school website production

    Recently, Qianyu Network Technology signed a website production contract with Xingyi Afternoon Primary School. Xingyi Afternoon Primary School fully implemented the party's education policy, adhered to the education-oriented tenet, and formed a three-dimensional moral education network mechanism. In the management of moral education work, taking activities as a carrier, there are activities themes every month, so that there are goals, processes and evaluations. Education in Five Love

  • 黔域网络科技签订微信维护合约
    Qianyu Network Technology Signs WeChat Maintenance Contract

    Recently, Qianyu Network Technology signed a WeChat maintenance contract with the Post Office of the Southwest Guizhou Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. According to the spirit of the “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Improving the Postal Supervision System Below the Provincial Level” (Guobanfa [2012] No. 6), the Post Bureau of Qianxi Southwest Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture officially unveiled and established on November 23, 2012. Yes: implement national post

  • 签约景观园林工程有限公司网站制作
    Signed a contract for the website production of Landscape Garden Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Recently, Qianyu Network Technology signed a contract for website production with Zunyi Linrun Garden Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. Zunyi Linrun Garden Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. was registered with the Zunyi Industry and Commerce Bureau on September 3, 2014. It is located at No. 1, Building 15, Shenyang Road, Huichuan District, Zunyi City, which is known as the meeting capital of Zunyi City. It has the best products. And professional sales and technical team to grow in the company

  • 签约物业公司软件开发
    Contracted software development of property company2015 / 09/16

    Recently, Qianyu Network Technology signed a software development contract with Xingyi Property Company. A property management company is an enterprise-type economic entity established in accordance with legal procedures and with corresponding qualifications to operate property management business, and is an independent corporate legal person. It belongs to a service enterprise. It has an equal subject relationship with the owner or user. It accepts the entrustment of the owner and is in accordance with relevant laws.